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Microservices & Integration Experts

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Duczer East is the microservices and integration experts for the insurance industry. Getting the enterprise architecture performing well with flexibility, organization and scale is our focus.

  • Guidewire integration, deployment and optimization
  • Architecture and Development-Integration, Microservices and Cloud
  • Policy, Claims and Billing Systems integration
  • Document Management
  • Integration Security
  • MuleSoft, Dell Boomi, AWS, Google and Azure expertise
  • Program and Project Management

Combined with our application and functional prowess we deploy integration strategies for complex systems. Orchestration, security, flexibility and performance are what we deliver together with your team.

Headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia and spanning the Americas from the US to Chile, Duzcer East delivers excellence.

Our Team

With a global unified team approach, we are delivering an effective delivery model at competitive pricing. We are focused on results without excess effort and resources.

Deploying only experienced project team members, combined with repeatable practices and frameworks while utilizing multi-shore cost balancing, we are delivering and outstanding value to our client.

Delivering the Impossible

Services Overview

Duczer East combines expertise in microservices and integration with deep knowledge of industry applications like Guidewire to deliver flexibility, performance and maintainability to your global systems.

From integrating policy generation and document management flows to deploying a middleware layer to orchestrate and organize complex transaction, we focus on delivery a performing global solution.

 Our goal is to deploy these solutions while infusing rigor into the integration SLDC and simultaneously enable your team to maintain and extend those systems.


Guidewire Insurance Suite
Microservices & Integration Architecture and Deployment

Guidewire Insurance Suite Services

Microservices & Integration Architecture and Deployment

Delivering the Impossible


Guidewire Insurance Suite


The key to a scalable and performing Guidewire system is correctly architected integration. A unified understanding Guidewire, Microservices and Middleware along with integrated applications like Clue and document management systems is key to a performing, flexible and maintainable solution. Duczer East process and approach is this combined knowledge in our repeatable processes and team members. We have developed best practices for deploying and integrating not only Guidewire but a global solution that can scale with flexibility.




Guidewire Insurance Suite Deployment
Integration and Migrations

Guidewire Insurance Suite

  • PolicyCenter
  • ClaimCenter
  • BillingCenter
  • Analytics
  • Document Managemen
  • Deployment And Optimization
  • Integration Experts
  • Upgrades
  • Migration to Cloud Version

Guidewire Integration

  • Guidewire Microservices and Integration Experts
  • End to End Monitoring and Governance
  • Middleware Deployment (MuleSoft, DellBoomi, etc.)
  • Cloud: Deployment, Security, Integration (AWS, Azure, Google)
  • Data and system migration
  • Zero Downtime Methodology

Integration of Disparate Vendor Systems

  • Integration and Orchestration of Disparate Vendor Claims, Policy and Billing Systems
  • Integration of disparate business group systems

Delivering the Impossible

Microservices Integration

Deep experience designing and deploying microservices and integration delivering a repeatable, flexible and maintainable system.


Global architecture design and deployment
Deploy end to end transaction monitoring with minimal code impact
Deploy performing and organized microservices middleware layer
Automated testing and deployment
Integration specific program management and Agile delivery
Integration governance center of excellence
Integration Security
Data and system migrations with Zero Downtime Methodology

Our Technologies


Meet Our Leadership

Our leadership has years of experience building IT services organizations and serving our Clients. 

David deBoisblanc

Managing Partner

Tyler Eastridge

SVP Client Operations, Sales

Cristina Rodriguez

VP, Marketing

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8000 Avalon Blvd., Suite 100, Alpharetta, GA 30009

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